How Chefz Works

Chefz was born from the love of cooking.

“Anybody can cook!”

Through our unique portal, chefs will showcase their cooking skills live and cook with you!

Through our new platform, every participant can be a “chef”!

Chefs can either join or host live cooking shows.

By joining a live cooking show, viewers can learn new recipes and cook with great chefs.

By hosting a live cooking show, Chefs can make extra side money, market their brand, and make new friends from the community.

From a 5 minute presentation of “Millennial Avocado Toast” by local college students to a 30 minute “Texas Style Swordfish Sandwich” by local restaurants we want to provide value, fun and excitement to the lives of all food lovers.

If you love to cook, join Chefz live and showcase your favorite dishes and beverages!

Join A Live Show

Step 1:  Create An Account.

Step 2:  Find a Show.

Step 3:  After finding a show, follow the checkout process.  Some shows are free and some charge a minimal fee.

Step 4:  After checking out, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the Zoom link for joining.

Step 5:  Ingredients needed are listed for each show.  If you’re planning on cooking with the chef make sure you have all the ingredients ready for showtime!


Create A Show

Step 1:  Create An Account

Step 2:  Click “Create a Live Show” below or the homepage.

Step 3:  Fill out the details for your show, including choosing a price for other users to join your show.

Step 4:  After receiving your submission we’ll follow up with you to discuss details and approve your live show.

Step 5: Earn money after hosting the live show through ticket sales and tip jar.